Thursday, April 14, 2011

April 14: Mets vs. Rockies, 1st Game

Great Wayner moment a few minutes ago in the top of the 6th: A fly ball sails over Scott Hairston's head and Wayne says, "What you almost just saw there was [long pause, as he searches for the right term] an optical illusion."

In other words, what you DID just see was, uh, reality.

Except you didn't actually see any of it, because you're listening to the radio.

Fire Wayne Hagin already!


  1. Ha! Glad I found this blog (big fan of UniWatch, not sure why I've missed this). Hagin used to do Rockies games. Must not be getting better with age.

  2. wow, how completely lame, that's your complaint?, a visual reference on a radio broadcast?, get a life, I've been a Mets fan since 73, I suffered for years through the Lorn Brown, Steve Albert and Steve Zabriske types the Mets foisted on their fans, not to mention the endless preening of Tim McCarver and the doltishness of Rusty Staub, to me Wayne is right behind the Holy Trinity with the Gary's, (Thorne & Cohen) and Howie Rose, a professional wordsmith with a nice, flat Murphyesque middle American accent, judging by the dearth of comments and followers on your blog (reminiscent of the crowd at Shea for the back end of a double header circa 1980)your opinion is not shared by many, nay any, real Met fans