Friday, July 23, 2010

July 22nd: Mets vs. Dodgers

I only caught a few innings of last night's game (this west coast trip, with its late-night game times, is not conducive to Wayner-watching), but that was enough for Wayne to come up with a beauty. It was in the bottom of the third, when he offered the following:

"The Mets at 19-30 on the road. I would've never figured that for this ballclub, simply because it was built for Citi Field, meaning that they didn't have to mash a lot of home runs -- they were supposed to be able to manufacture runs."

Now let's think about that for a second. In one breath he can't understand why the team is struggling on the road, and in the next he says they were built for their home ballpark. In other words, Wayne's answered his own question and doesn't even realize it. Brilliant!

Of course, the reality is that the Mets are not built for Citi Field. Most of the team's key elements are the same as they were during their last season at Shea. But if Wayne's going to rubber-stamp the marketing spin that this is now a small-ball team, he should at least reference that spin coherently.

The kicker came in his next sentence: "I really think the culprit for the Mets on the road for that bad record is lack of offense." Gee, ya think? Thank the lordy we have professional broadcasters offering astute insights like that one. Fire Wayne Hagin already!


  1. I'm honestly torn. On one hand, I heartily agree with everything this blog stands for. On the other, as a long-time Mets fan, I expect regular doses of O Henry-esque irony. God help us all if they bring back Fran Healy.

  2. Was listening to a minor league baseball game the other night and the announcer was referring to his team's impressive ten-game streak in which they won seven of the 12 games played. New math, perhaps?

  3. I didn't know about this blog until today and I was pleasantly surprised it existed because, although I'm sure he's a nice guy, Hagen is one of the worse announcers I've ever heard. Only the Mets organization could put a guy like this on the radio. This is the NY market and we have a guy who should be broadcasting in the sticks. Great job, Jeffey.