Wednesday, August 11, 2010

August 10th: Rockies vs. Mets

Even when I don't listen to him -- even when I can't listen to him -- Wayne haunts me. It happened at last night's Mets/Rockies game, which I attended along with Phil Hecken and Dan Cichalski.

First let's set the scene: One of the many little gimmicks at the ballpark is this promotion where they slowly reveal a name or phrase on the jumbotron one letter at a time, Wheel of Fortune-style. The first person who can figure out the answer and text it to some predetermined number wins, I dunno, a roll of Mets toilet paper or something.

So last night's secret name/phrase was two words, both five letters long. As they began revealing the letters, it quickly looked like this:

W _ _ _ _
H _ _ _ N

"Wayne Hagin!" yelled Dan. And sure enough, that turned out to be the answer. We all laughed for a second and then, realizing that the moment needed to be documented for posterity, began fumbling for our cameras. Alas, the scoreboard changed to something else before any of us could snap a photo.

I'm not sure who runs that texting promotion, but just in case that person is reading this, here's an idea for a phrase to use at tonight's game:

_ _ R _
W _ _ _ _
H _ _ _ N
_ L _ _ _ D _ !

Hell, why not use it for every remaining game this season? Fire Wayne Hagin already!

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