Friday, August 20, 2010

August 20th: Mets vs. Pirates

Hagin has said many, many inane things in this game, but he just let loose with a certified Wayne's Whopper™ during the top of the 4th: After a brief mention of A.J. Burnett, he said (with his usual air of faux-gravitas), "And when the Yankees signed Burnett, that's about the same time the Mets signed R.A. Dickey."

The point he was making, of course -- although he didn't actually get around to explaining it -- is that Dickey, who has a very low salary, has arguably been a better pitcher this season than Burnett, who has a very high salary. It's a little bit of an apples/oranges thing, because Dickey didn't join the Mets' big league roster until May 19, but the basic point is clear enough: Sometimes a low-paid, unknown pitcher can be better than a high-priced, flashy pitcher.

Just one problem:

• Date that Burnett signed with the Yanks: Dec. 18, 2008.

• Date that Dickey signed with the Mets: Jan 5, 2010.

Well, he was only off by a whole year -- not bad by Wayner standards. Fire Wayne Hagin already!


  1. not as bad as keith hernandez this evening -- who saw the black and gold flag flying at the pirates game tonight and said, "is that the pennsylvania flag?"...then he corrected himself to declare it the "pirates flag"

    nonplussed, as always, gary cohen calmly explained it was the "flag of the city of pittsburgh"

  2. Vin Scully will continue as Dodgers announcer, so says the team Sunday. Next year will be his 62nd year. Unprecedented.
    Scully has more announcing skill in one cell of his body than Hagan has in his entire body.

  3. First of all: On September 7th, Wayne Hagin missed a 3-1 pitch that was swung on and missed by Ike Davis. He thought there was a 3-2 count, but covered it up by saying "he must have tipped it." No. He missed that, and you missed the count. Fire Wayne Hagin already!

    Secondly, someone in the WFAN booth (It might be Howie, but I'll blame Wayne) has a cell phone that keeps going off. It's a metallic chime (da-da, da-da) that you can hear in the distance. Shut it off, you're broadcasting! FWHA!

  4. Need to get this blog started again. Wayne is worse this year than ever!