Monday, August 2, 2010

August 2nd: By Popular Demand

Several readers have insisted that I mention one of Wayne's most consistent tropes. If you listen to the Mets on the radio, you know one of their sponsors is a health insurance company that promises to manage "all your health care needs under one roof." But when Wayne reads their ad, he always pronounces "roof" as "ruff." Always. ALWAYS.

Now, I know there are parts of the country where "roof" is pronounced as "ruff." And I don't want to pick on someone just because of his regional dialect or accent. That's why I haven't mentioned this particular Wayne-ism until now (although I'll confess to having gone out of my mind when the Mets were in Arizona and Wayne kept talking about how "the Diamondbacks have the retractable ruff shut tonight").

Okay, so now I've mentioned it, but I still wouldn't want an entire entry to be devoted to this. So I'll include something from Sunday's game that I forgot to mention in yesterday's post: During the top of the 4th, when an Arizona player hit a foul ball in back of first base, Wayne said, "Ike Davis, angling back on an angle..."

Yes, he really did say that. Fire Wayne Hagin already!

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