Wednesday, August 4, 2010

August 4th: Video Killed the Radio Star Wayner

The bad news is that I was out eating crabs at Clemente's tonight, so I missed the entire Mets/Braves game and have no new Wayne-isms to report.

The good news is that I have something better: an old commercial featuring the Wayner! It shows him endorsing some sort of personal putting green product. Not sure of the exact date, but the clip identifies him as the "Voice of the St. Louis Cardinals," which means it's from somewhere in the 2003-2005 range. Can Wayne make as many mistakes in a commercial as he does when broadcasting a game? Let's see:

Not bad. I love how he says, "What it has done, probably more for me than anybody else…" In other words, he's saying the product works great for him, but your mileage may vary. Great sales pitch, Wayner!

Even better: After spending half a minute extolling the product's virtues, he misses the putt at the end of the clip. Kinda sums up Wayne's on-air persona in a nuthsell, am I right?

That video led me to another YouTube clip, this one an amusingly low-grade segment humbly entitled "The Amazin' Mets-terpiece Theatre VLOG-tacular." To get to the Wayner-related content, skip ahead to the 3:25 mark:

Succinct, no? And let's give credit where it's due: This guy was beating the anti-Hagin drum more than a year ago, while I was too lazy to set up this blog until last month, even though I've been doing a slow Hagin burn since about May of ’08. That's really my only regret regarding this whole project -- that I didn't start it sooner. But better late than never. Fire Wayne Hagin already!

(Special thanks to Jordan Guthmann for bringing the putting video to my attention.)


  1. *camera guy*: wayne, you missed that, wanna reshoot?

    *wayner*: just gimme my check

    *camera guy*: i can edit that out...

    *wayner*: look, i got shit to do

    *camera guy*: it'll only take 20 seconds

    *wayner*: mom, i gotta prepare for the cubs

  2. God bless this blog. I have called up the station in an attempt to get Wayne fired; I left a message, no one returned my call.

    I feel particularly unfortunate, because I used to live in St. Louis, where I was forced to endure his calls for the Cardinals. And then, not long after I relocated to New York, so did Wayne. Argh!

  3. lol you guys mad brah? oh and if you had half a brain.. and i mean half. you would notice that he says "what it has probably done for me, more than anyone else..." that means he wasnt great at putting but it helped him significantly. he wasnt saying it wouldnt help anyone else as much. just said he helped him alot. oh and he said "camera guy, i have to go play with my kids." faggot. can you please get a real job and stop doing this blog, its fucking worthless. GG NERD you are probably 400 pounds and has nothing else to do.